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A professional Tile Surround at a very attractive price.

AJ Surround Basics are designed for your rectangular gas fireplace in your choice of four color options. 

Basic Surround
AJ Surround Basics 8x12 HBBRShown in Hearth Basics Brown with Finished Inside Edge kit
Completed Surround Basics
AJ Surround Basics with Mantel and DoorPictured with BALMER Fireplace Mantel and STOLL Fireplace ReFace
AJ Surround Basics Configurations

AJ Surround Basics Drawings 6x6

AJSB 6 + 6

AJ Surround Basics Drawings 8x8

AJSB 8 + 8

AJ Surround Basics Drawings 8x12

AJSB 8 + 12

Drawings are not to scale.
Surround Basics tile colors (click to enlarge)
Tile Sampler AJ Surround Basics
Matching Fireplace Hearths
Matching fireplace hearths are available. The hearth will be made from the same tile batch as the surround for a perfect color match.

  • All surround hearths are 1” thick with steel edge banding
  • Available in 6”, 12”, 16” & 20” depths (in 1/4” increments)
  • Available in widths from 45” through 72” (in 1/4” increments)
  • Hearths over 12” deep are available with square or cut corners

Surround Basics are constructed on 100% non-combustible HardieBacker® substrate. High temperature (600º) odorless adhesive is used to achieve a reliable bond. Hydraulic type grout used for added strength and to minimize cracking. Simply choose the Leg and Header combination that will fill the space between the fireplace and your mantel. Specify the Leg and Header length needed and your surround will be made to order.  Each surround is shipped in three pieces to help prevent shipping damage. After the surround is secured to the wall the joint between the legs and the header is filled with the supplied grout.  Install your mantel and the professional tile job is complete.

If the inside edge of the surround will not be covered by the fireplace an optional Inside Edge Kit is available. The Edge Kit is UL fire-rated and finished in gloss black.

Caution: Hearth Basics Surrounds must be installed on a wall that is flat, straight, and in good condition. Bending or forcing a surround to conform to a wall that is twisted or uneven may cause the tile adhesion to fail. This condition will not be covered under warranty.

Please Note: Actual tile, stone, and stain colors may vary significantly from the digitized picture samples shown. We recommend that you visit your local AJ dealer to view material samples.